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April 14, 2007



Those pics are amazing, and your usage of the word "extreme" (and variations thereon) really add spice to the awesome blerg-stew! V. glad you're travel-bloggin' again. I am seized by the urge to say, "Rawk on!" (but I will refrain). HOORAY LIFE! BUMPUS... GO!

Curt Shaw

Hi - What amazing photos you've posted. I was particularly taken with the nice Amanita Muscaria images. They are great for snacking - just make sure your companions have you securely restrained beforehand. Glad you survived the glacier expedition intact. And bring me a box of Bugs 'n Mud - it would look great on the mantel and would annoy Mom no end! Dad


you and your pictures are all mom and dad talk about. "have you looked at taylor's pictures yet? you should really look at taylor's pictures." and then the other one gets on the phone and says the same thing.

so in other words, life Stateside continues as it was.


dude. I've been on that luge track! Yes, while seemingly unimpresive, it is actually somewhat steep on the "advanced" track---but imagine going downhill on that little cart wearing nothing but a bike helmet while it starts to rain. Can you say cart drift? I can.

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