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April 11, 2007



yeah right, your new zealand looks totally photoshopped. by which i mean to say awesome.


Awesome ! Your pics look amazing, including the little mermaid. Didn't know it was your fav movie though, very interesting. Have fun !!!!!


So your newer friends don't know about your long-standing Little Mermaid fetish??
But I'm glad you're enjoying NZ. I'm jealous and can't wait to hear about more adventures.
Don't forget to eat Toffee Pops, and, more importantly, don't forget to bring me some. As in, lots. Bring me lots.


wow!! that view from your room in Queenstown is gorgeous!
And yes, free booze and stop-when-you-want personal movie players are the saviours on long flights! How else could one survive the 23 hr flying time to India!! Next time don't go for the little glass, get the whole bottle! Have fun Taylors!


Hey! looks like you are really having a rough time out there so far :-)

I forgot to tell you about Tim-Tam's. There are these chocolate covered cookies in NZ. You bite off opposite corners of a cookies and suck hot tea through it. It just turns into molten cookie-chocolate-yumminess and you have to eat it all at one time. It is complicated you might need to get a kiwi to show you how it is done...

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