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May 20, 2005



Hi - I really liked your description of the salt caves - I had never heard of them before. I hope you were able to take a lot of pictures. Oh - by the way, we've been contacted by the International Division of the Audobon Society about alleged incidents on your part of Large Bird Abuse across Eastern Europe; I pray there's no truth to this...Dad


what? did you try to club an ostrich or something?

dad is weird.



oh, he meant the peacocks. now i feel stupid. but dad is still weird.


lauren p.


the UNESCO priceless monuments are:

1. krakow
2. wieliczka salt mine
3. auschwitz
4. bialowieza national park
5. warsaw
6. zamosc
7. torun
8. malbork
9. kalwaria zebrzydowska
10. churches of peace in jawor and swidnica
11. wooden churches of southern little poland
12. muskauer park

but that's just in poland. there are seven hundred and fifty-four sites around the world.

this message was brought to you by UNESCO's official web site and lauren's lack of discipline, which allows her to slack on the job at all times.

happy travels.


Oh the 12 most priceless places in Poland. That's not nearly as cool as the whole world. It was misadvertised. I want my money back.

And yes, Cameron, Dad is weird. Though, actually, now I have eaten ostrich as well as pheasant, so you're more right than you might have known. Ostrich is tough meat. Like a jerky. And it came with noodles.

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