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May 11, 2005



You better be careful spending so much time in churches and mosques - you could end up on a watch list and be forced to live out your years behind the remnants of the iron curtain munching on sour cream and ketchup pizza and red eggs. On the positive side, at least you could marry the bulgarian chick of your dreams and wear the little crown deal. If you do mak it back, you can alwyas go the mail order bride route and score some Bulgarian females via the web. I get e-mails about that kind of crap all the time. BTW, are you still finding the women of eastern europe to be incredibly hot? I think you mentioned that early on and I was just wondering if its holding true.
I'm glad you caught a Bllh, Bllh, Bllh performance, I haven't seen them since Bllh joined but I'm sure they still rock.
Well, its almost my turn to get back in the ticket line for the first show of Madagascar - gotta go.


i would like to point out to all the Patterson-Shaw relatives who read Taylor's blog that this post is largely focused on his limited desire to try any new food whatsoever whilst in Europe. this fact disproves once and for all the family-wide belief that Taylor has a more sophistocated palette than i, his younger sister. end scene, and i win!

i mean, i would have at least tried the chicken.



Oh, I think our relatives are all too aware that both of us are equally picky eaters. I dont think I've ever been accused of having a sophisticated palette by anyone, especially not anyone who's been to thanksgiving. And, for the record, the whole only eating pizza and ice cream thing was a slight exaggeration. I eat spaghetti too, and bread sometimes.

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